10 Ideas for Collective Action to Change the World of Work

In all kinds of ways, every day, we are encouraged to take control of our lives and careers at an individual level. Some of that is encouraging and confidence-building. There is a lot of power and potential in taking responsibility for your life and being the protagonist in your own story.

But sometimes we take this individualistic approach too far. I am often disturbed by the extremes of the various “life is what you make of it” platitudes and self-help guides. We live our lives in relationship and in social and political context. Power dynamics are at play, acknowledged or not, and many of them do limit the change we can realize as individuals.


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If you are feeling overwhelmed more often than not, this course is an invitation to explore some practical strategies for approaching and experiencing your life differently so you are more focused and more fulfilled.

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Thursday “Career Tip” Video Series

I’ve started another series of short videos that I record live on Facebook on Thursdays at 12 EDT. You can join me there live, if you like, or watch later, or wait for a few to appear here. (I also share these videos to my LinkedIn page occasionally.) Soon the videos will be hosted on my career resource website, The Career Possibility Studio, but it’s not quite ready to launch yet.

I share resources, tools, and book reviews, and also have a once per month short Q&A session. Here’s a recent one to view:

My story: 10 transition steps from law to career counselling

This post shares some background on my own career transition. Career transition stories usually aren’t too linear and have idiosyncratic twists and turns, but if you get the details of a few stories, you’ll most likely see common themes or strategies. Here, I’m sharing my example in case it sparks some ideas for others looking to get moving on a career change.

Step #1: Admitting the current situation wasn’t working

10 of My Favourite Career Books

This month marks 10 years since I took the leap into entrepreneurship and started seeing career counselling clients as a private practice business! To celebrate, I am sharing some “top 10 lists” and other 10-themed resources for anyone giving more attention to their career needs or seeking more career satisfaction. Check out all the posts here.

Here are 10 of my favourite career-related books: