Clarity and courage for the next step in your career.

Anne Carbert

Career Counsellor & Coach

Find Career Satisfaction

Career counselling offers support to craft a more satisfying career that will better reflect who you are, who you want to be, and the impact you want to have through your work.

I emphasize meaning, purpose, and values-based living. Life is too short to live out someone else’s idea of a “successful” career! We’ll explore your own needs for career satisfaction,  investigate and evaluate your options, and chart a course for personal and career growth – either planning a career change or planning for growth in your current job.

As you work through your career questions, we’ll bring attention to manageable and energizing action steps, supportive habits, and your inner and outer resources for finding clarity, building resilience, and initiating change.

How It Works

Career counselling is a partnership and a collaborative process.

It involves both “inside work” to reflect on your personal strengths, needs, and desires, as well as “outside work” to gather information about new options and stretch your career identity by experimenting with possibilities.

If you and I decide to work together, we would typically start by discussing your current work situation, clarifying your career needs and what you would like to change or enhance, and then set goals for exploration, experiments, and decision-making. I have been working remotely with clients since 2014 and offer one-hour appointments by phone or video call or a combination of the two. 

I offer a free 20-minute phone consultation to discuss your career questions, the support you’re seeking, and the services I provide.

I work with many clients in southwestern and eastern Ontario, Canada — in communities large and small from Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, and London to Woodstock, Midland, Orillia and more. I also serve people living in other provinces including recent clients in Nova Scotia, Quebec, and British Columbia.
All career sessions are either by phone or secure video call.

Contact me if …

You're considering a career change to find more fulfilment in your work

We’ll work together to clarify your values and life priorities and then examine the options for you to express who you are through your paid work. You’ll consider new possibilities, design ways to explore and experiment, and become more aware of the choices you can make about how to live and work.

You feel a need for a more well-rounded life with less stress at work

We’ll discuss your options for creating a more sustainable and pleasurable mix of paid work, daily responsibilities, fun, relaxation, connected relationships, and personal growth.

You're facing challenges with workplace communication, self-advocacy, skill development, or confidence

We’ll review your experiences, needs, and values, clarify both opportunities and risks, and discuss action steps and potential resources to support your personal and professional development.

You are an innovator – an artist, entrepreneur, social activist, someone with big ideas to bring to life

We’ll explore the exciting possibilities and challenges involved in making your ideas real and we’ll discuss how to manage big projects by identifying smaller, concrete steps. We’ll also highlight ways to meet the practical needs of daily living while you devote lots of energy to your passion.

You are exploring ways to contribute to your local community or the global community or both

We’ll discuss your opportunities for a unique contribution by clarifying your goals, identifying your strengths, and creating a plan for information gathering and experimenting that will ensure you make best use of your energies and talents in service to others.

About Me

Anne Carbert, LL.B., MEd. (Counselling)

Motivated by an interest in social justice, I studied law at the University of Toronto and then started a career in nonprofit human rights work. As I transitioned into my professional life, I found myself grappling with many questions about work and its place in my life.

I soon realized that I love talking with others about meaning and purpose, about living creatively and making conscious choices. I returned to school for a master’s degree in counselling psychology at the University of Toronto and I launched my  counselling and coaching practice in 2007.

Now, as a counsellor and coach, I help others to craft meaningful and satisfying lives. I start by encouraging clients to see the abundance of opportunities available to them, and I then help them to make adjustments in their work or lifestyle. Emphasizing personal life priorities and values, my clients design satisfying lives and careers on their own terms.


I expected practical help with finding a job and making the transition, but got so much more than that. You’ve helped me re-frame the way I think about work and its place in my life, and to become more engaged with my work. That will benefit me for the rest of my career.” ~ H., Lawyer

Anne’s guidance during a crossroads in my life was critical. I found her to be very insightful, wise and practical. She has a wealth of information, books and activities, to help along the way. She supported me, in a thoughtful way, before I took the leap to “follow my dream.”  I would highly recommend her!” ~ S.V., Artist

“Through meetings with Anne I went from feeling overwhelmed and directionless to empowered and even excited about my next career move. She provided a “safe space” for me to work through what had been cluttering my mind and provided me with tools that, ultimately, left me feeling 100% confident in my decisions.” ~ Emily, Project Manager