Turn Your Career Questions into a Project

If you were to turn your career questions and dilemmas into a project and give that project a name, what would it be?

Hear about my “Radius Project” and perhaps glean some ideas for a new approach to your career questions in video #12 of my Thursday Career Tip series:

Thursday “Career Tip” Video Series

I’ve started another series of short videos that I record live on Facebook on Thursdays at 12 EDT. You can join me there live, if you like, or watch later, or wait for a few to appear here. (I also share these videos to my LinkedIn page occasionally.) Soon the videos will be hosted on my career resource website, The Career Possibility Studio, but it’s not quite ready to launch yet.

I share resources, tools, and book reviews, and also have a once per month short Q&A session.

Here’s a recent one to view:

Strategies to Manage the Overwhelm of a Busy Life

I’ve launched a new online course with my colleague Linda Mackay called The Sustainable Life: Strategies to Manage the Overwhelm of a Busy life.

Through this 4-week online course we’re offering resources and practical steps to get off the treadmill of over-busyness and find new ways to create a more manageable pace of life. This e-course is based on a workshop that Linda and I offered in-person locally and we believe the opportunity for reflection, experimental action, and discussion will also be supportive in an online format for a wider audience, wherever you are.

Please take a look at the information and registration page, including our short video there. Might this course be what you need to stop running and to find more calm and joy in your day to day life?

The e-course starts on March 30th and includes new modules every Friday for 4 weeks with:
– video presentations for each topic
– short reading materials
– reflection worksheets
– resource links and lists
– a live Q&A webinar in week #3, and access to the webinar recording
– an online discussion forum just for course participants
– access to all the materials on the course platform for 8 weeks

If you register by March 21st you will also receive BONUSES:
– a pre-course live webinar on March 28th exploring willpower and motivation
– access to a recording of the pre-course webinar
– a willpower and motivation worksheet with prompting questions for reflection
– an annotated version of the resource list for the course with 20 book and web resources

See all the details on the information and registration page.

Workshop: New Year! New Perspective!

Happy 2018! I’m excited to be collaborating with my colleague Jennifer Jennings, psychotherapist, to offer an in-person workshop in Stratford, Ontario on Saturday, February 3rd. We’ll be facilitating discussion to explore ways increase joy in your life this year and make small changes with big impact.

This is a small group workshop at The Space Within in Stratford. Advance registration is required to hold your spot.

See all the details and register online here. An early registration discount is available for registration before January 22, 2018.


Latest Career Action Plan E-Course starts Oct. 20

You are invited to join my 6-week online course for career energy and action! It starts October 20, 2017.

Please take a look at all the details on the course registration page.

Watch soon too for the full launch of the Career Possibility Studio (the platform for this latest course) — it’s a growing library of free career resources plus occasional courses and 5-day career challenges.


Career Tune-Up Lunch & Learn Sessions

I am excited to offer two short workshops this fall for my co-tenants at Innovation Works, a co-working space for social entrepreneurs in London, Ontario.

These Career Tune-Up sessions are an opportunity to reflect on an aspect of career well-being, discuss ideas with colleagues, apply helpful concepts and frameworks to one’s own career goals and growth, and choose a next step for personal and professional development.

The October Career Tune-Up focuses on career skills: transferable skills, technical skills, and some career management skills to feel confident, current, and adaptable. We’ll do personal skills inventories that will illuminate and validate our strengths and generate ideas for future skills development.

In November, we’ll discuss career support systems. The breadth and depth of supportive connections can influence the pace of career growth as well as one’s sense of career satisfaction. For the “tune-up”, we’ll explore steps to cultivate an energizing support network and foster positive, practical relationships to better navigate career ups and downs. This includes reviewing various types of career support, formal and informal, and exploring the key elements of a healthy career support system.

Contact me if your workplace is interested in a lunch and learn Career Tune-Up session!

Interview: Co-Working Spaces

This is the 4th interview in my new series about healthy, positive, and progressive workplaces.

I’m exploring what contributes to engagement, satisfaction, and well-being at work from the point of view of work environment, organizational culture, and leadership.

In this interview, I talk with Lore Wainwright, Director of Innovation Works, a co-working space in London, Ontario that was intentionally designed for social innovators who seek to generate the kinds of ideas that change the world. We talked about what co-working is, the benefits of these kinds of spaces, and Lore shared some examples of how co-tenants at Innovation Works are engaging with each other and creating a positive environment and culture.

For more information Innovation Works, see www.innovationworkslondon.ca. You might also check out Coworking Ontario and look for independent co-working spaces and networks of spaces on social media sites.

See the other interviews in this series.