New Interview: Values-based leadership & its impact in the workplace

Welcome to interview #2 in my new series exploring what contributes to engagement, satisfaction, and well-being at work from the point of view of work environment, organizational culture, and leadership.

I talked with Janet Frood, Executive, Leadership and Team Coach, about “values-based leadership“. I ask her to define that term for us and also describe what it is like when clearly articulated values guide individuals and organizations. Are you cynical about a company putting its values into practice? I have worked with many people who have endured unhealthy and disrespectful workplaces and who might reasonably be skeptical of “values speak” at work. Janet talks about cases of values misalignment and provides some tips for job seekers to investigate workplace values before accepting a job offer.

Listen now to our 15-minute conversation:

Links: Take a look at the Leadership Freak Blog that Janet mentioned, “The Most Important New System You Could Implement in 2016” (applies to any year, of course!), and see the LinkedIn slide deck describing the organization’s culture and values. Also, learn more about Janet and her work:

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