I offer counselling and coaching to support you in crafting a more satisfying career and exploring options for work — paid and unpaid — that better reflects who you are and who you want to be.

I emphasize meaning, purpose and values-based living. We’ll explore the challenges of following through on life decisions and focus on opportunities for learning and personal growth. And we’ll bring attention to small steps, supportive habits, and your inner and outer resources for gaining clarity and achieving lasting change.

I offer one-hour appointments by phone with the option of a first appointment by video call (Skype or FaceTime).

The counselling and coaching partnership is a collaborative process that involves both “inside work” to reflect on individual strengths, needs, and desires, as well as “outside work” to gather information about your options and experiment with new possibilities.

If you and I decide to work together, we would typically start by discussing your current situation, clarifying what you would like to change or enhance, and setting some goals for exploring, experimenting, and seeing results.

I offer a free 20-minute phone consultation before setting up a first counselling appointment. That way we can make sure my services meet your needs. Please see the contact page to get in touch by phone or e-mail.

My Career Counselling and Coaching Services

Contact me for an appointment if …

    • You are considering a career or job change and crave more meaning and personal fulfillment in your work
      We’ll work together to clarify your values and life priorities and then examine the options for you to express who you are through your paid work. You’ll consider new possibilities, design ways to explore and experiment, and become more aware of the choices you can make about how to live and work.
    • You feel a need for a more well-rounded life and less stress at work
      We’ll discuss your options for creating a more sustainable and pleasurable mix of paid work, daily responsibilities, fun, relaxation, connected relationships, and personal growth.
    • You are an innovator – an artist, entrepreneur, social activist, someone with big ideas
      We’ll explore the exciting possibilities and challenges involved in making your ideas real and we’ll discuss how to manage big projects by identifying smaller, concrete steps. We’ll also highlight ways to meet the practical needs of daily living while you devote lots of energy to your passion.
    • You are exploring ways to contribute to your local community or the global community … or both
      We’ll discuss your opportunities for a unique contribution by clarifying your goals, identifying your strengths, and creating a plan for information gathering and experimenting that will ensure you make best use of your energies and talents in service to others.

Appointment Times

I offer one-hour appointments by phone with the option of a first appointment by video call (Skype or FaceTime). My appointments and consultation calls are usually on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. I have some evening appointments available and also offer Saturday morning appointments about twice a month.


The full fee for a one-hour career counselling appointment is $115 + HST. I also have a sliding fee scale to provide some accommodation of different income levels and financial situations.