New Interview Series for 2017

It has been a few years since I have posted an interview here!

I am still proud and pleased with my first interview series that I worked on from 2011 to 2013. My goal was to share tips and expertise on career-related life issues, but include topics that were not directly career topics. So I interviewed a lawyer about contract issues for starting and leaving jobs and also spoke to a professional organizer and an image consultant. Some interviews covered health-related topics such as building self-confidence, managing stress, and understanding the benefits of therapy. Thanks to my interview guests, all the interviews have some timeless tips that are wise and practical.

A few years means several advancements in the quality of online resources, recording devices, and design software. (Oh, where were you in 2011, Canva?) But my first interview series still holds up in many ways and I’m not archiving it yet. However, I am now working on a new series and I look forward to gradually posting the interview recordings here throughout 2017.

My theme for the 2017 interview series is healthy, progressive, and positive workplaces.

As much as we can enhance our own skills for career management and personal well-being, work environment is a big factor for job satisfaction – for employees and the self-employed too. So I want to explore some examples of good workplaces and workdays. What contributes to engagement, enjoyment, and well-being at work from the point of view of work environment, organizational culture, and leadership? Stay tuned!

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