My Summer Reading List 2016

I always have an ambitious reading list and half-read books on my shelf. Recently, I’ve been setting aside time each week to just sit and read one book. I believe summer is a great opportunity for this new routine because I can sit outside!

Here are the career-related titles on my summer reading list:

Two energizing books about creative careers and creative living that I have been meaning to read in full. (I’m good at reading excerpts and bits and pieces!) –


Two titles focused on finding what we are “meant to do”. Are we meant to do one thing, I wonder? Do we all have a specific calling or an overarching career theme? I’m not convinced of that myself (and perhaps their publishers picked these subtitles). I am interested to see how the authors explore the idea of what you and I are “meant to do”.

I’ll share my reactions in a later post. Have you read these books? Do they intrigue you? What’s on your summer reading list (career-related or not)?

(I’d love to hear your thoughts. If you don’t see a comment box below to leave a reply, click on the title above or here and then scroll down.)


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