10 Low-Risk Ideas for Investigating a New Career Interest

Here’s another 10-themed list that might spark some ideas for how you could investigate new areas of interest without taking a big leap right away. Do you have other suggestions you would add to the list? Please share those in the comments!

1. Read a book

2. Follow relevant blogs, Twitter accounts, e-newsletters, etc.

3. Go to your local library or career centre to search an occupational database

4. Take a class, workshop, or a course

5. Volunteer

6. Talk to at least 4 people working in that field

7. Join an online discussion group or an in-person group or an association

8. Attend a conference

9. Ask 1 of the 4 people you spoke to if you could job shadow for a day

10. Start a low-investment side project

This type of investigation and low-risk experiments are helpful for testing out new career ideas. Try one of the suggestions above and see what you learn. Then continue! If you’ve read a book, find a course. If you’ve taken a course, talk to people. Diversify your sources of information and types of experiments. Follow your curiosity!

September 2017 marks 10 years since I took the leap into entrepreneurship and started working with career counselling clients as a private practice business! To celebrate, I am sharing some “top 10 lists” and other 10-themed resources. (You can find links to all the 10-year resource posts here.)

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