Create a Healthy Support System for Work/Life Wellness

I have a 2nd one-hour mini-workshop coming up at Innovation Works in London (Ontario) this week. Last month we talked about the concept of work-life balance, ways to think about our various roles and identities, and what we notice when life is fairly smooth and in flow as well as when it’s overwhelming.

This month the conversation is about support. How healthy is your support network? And how do we foster positive, practical relationships to better navigate the ups and downs of a busy life? We’ll discuss the key elements of a healthy support system and clarify and prioritize our own specific support needs. Share your perspective, hear from others, and leave with some resources for reflection and action.

Thursday, November 29th, 4:45 – 5:45pm at Innovation Works London co-working space, 201 King Street. Open to the public. The session is free but advance registration is required. Sign up here.

This free, short workshop and discussion about work/life wellness is part of the Wellness Works program at Innovation Works.

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