New E-Course: Sign up for more details

I am excited to be offering my first online course! It’s called: Create Your Courageous Career Action Plan

Registration opens March 12th and the course starts March 17th. In the 6-week online course, you’ll learn about 6 key areas for career growth and choose weekly growth experiments to accelerate your personal and professional development.

image of resource pageCurious? You might want to join my free 5-day challenge in the lead-up to the e-course. It’s called “Know Your Keys to Career Satisfaction” and I’ve shared a few details in another post.

I’ll be sharing more information about the 6-week e-course and free career growth resources between now and the course start date. Sign up to receive e-mail updates about the course with links to videos and more course information.

When you sign up, I will send you a one-page resource that introduces the topics of the course: 6 Ways to Grow Your Career. It includes an exercise to take one small action to get your new career growth started now.

More details and new e-course + coaching packages will be announced March 12th.

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