Anne was an invaluable support to me during my career exploration and search process. She is a compassionate listener who helped me to get more comfortable with some of the unknowns and ambiguity inherent to my search. She asked good questions, offered pertinent resources and prepared me well for the interviewing process. Anne provided exactly what I needed in this process: a thoughtful and knowledgeable partner to bounce questions and ideas off of. ~ Hilary B.

Thanks again for all of your help and guidance. You helped me through a difficult time in my life and encouraged me to think in new ways about my skills, goals, and what I have to offer. ~ Emily W.  See all testimonials

Great workshop as always, Anne. Your work really delivers and fits a niche that I haven’t found anywhere else in terms of the “jumping points” for thinking and reflecting about one’s life and work in a meaningful way. ~ Sarah C.  See all testimonials

Part of being successful means recognizing what you know and asking for help where you don’t know. Anne knows about career transition and career counselling, this became clear within the first few minutes of our session: She very effectively and efficiently helped me navigate through some tough choices. I was able to confidently make the right job choice so I could continue to enjoy being successful doing what I know how to do. ~ Barry D.   See all testimonials