Thank you so much for all of your help. Although we only had a few sessions, I’ve found talking to you to be very helpful. I feel like I have a better sense of what my goals are and I’m more in charge of the direction of my career. I’m excited to start my new job! Thanks again and I will definitely reach out in future if I need advice again. ~ C.M., Lawyer  See all testimonials.

I have attended a lot of workshops over the years, and Anne Carbert’s remain among the most valuable and helpful. Anne is highly intelligent, with a clear grasp of the material she presents. More importantly, she has deep respect for each client’s process and skill set. Life is not a one-size-fits-all proposition and Anne gets that. Handouts are well researched, with lots of jumping off points for future exploration. I have found myself referring back to discussions and principles introduced in Anne’s workshops and the evidence (in terms of my own personal success) seems to suggest that my money was wisely spent. ~ Lisa, Artist, Solopreneur   See all testimonials.

Through meetings with Anne I went from feeling overwhelmed and directionless to empowered and even excited about my next career move. She provided a “safe space” for me to work through what had been cluttering my mind and provided me with tools that, ultimately, left me feeling 100% confident in my decisions. ~ Emily, Project Manager   See all testimonials

I am beyond grateful to Anne for her expert and empathetic guidance which led me to the place I want to be. She is a consummate professional and every minute of every session with her is organized and effective. She is talented and smart to the highest degree, and she is always the right person to contact whether for career guidance, employment application and interview preparation, or skillful navigation through challenging or difficult professional waters.  ~ Anonymous, Legal Clinic Caseworker   See all testimonials.

Anne’s guidance during a crossroads in my life was critical. I found her to be very insightful, wise and practical.  She has a wealth of information, books and activities, to help along the way. She supported me, in a thoughtful way, before I took the leap to “follow my dream”.  I would highly recommend her!

~ S.V., MSW, MFA  See all testimonials

Anne’s career counselling helped me when I felt otherwise lost in my job search. She gave me the materials and advice that I needed to figure out the ideal work environment for me. ~ J.H.  See all testimonials

Thanks for helping me open my eyes and mind to what’s always been in front of me. ~Laura S.  See all testimonials

I highly recommend Anne Carbert as a career counsellor. She suggested and helped me work through a framework to recognize my career options; fully understand how they fit in with other aspects of my life; and evaluate them so that I could formulate and execute a career plan. Her support helped me feel confident about my career-related decisions. ~Mike P.  See all testimonials

I was feeling directionless and unfocussed about my career when a friend suggested career counselling. I had never considered that before but since Anne was highly recommended, I gave it a shot. In the time we worked together, Anne helped me discover that I had transferable skills which I had never considered would be applicable to other career paths. She also gave me amazing tools to build job specific resumes and cover letters. Thanks Anne! ~ Kevin P.  See all testimonials

After 20 years of employment I wanted work that reached my core values and talents. I was trying everything but was stuck. Talking to Anne, I understood the immediate next steps I had to take. Our collaborative sessions allowed me to continue on my journey in a measured and reassuring manner. And having gone through the same existential dilemma, Anne really empathized with me. In the end I found what I was seeking. ~ A.L.  See all testimonials