New Workshop Series in Stratford: Working Successfully On Your Own

Working On Your Own workshop flyer

In addition to my two upcoming workshops in Toronto, I’m facilitating a 3-part workshop series for freelancers, “solopreneurs” and artists in Stratford, Ontario in February and March. The focus of the workshops is to develop career skills for solo self-employment. The 3 Friday afternoon sessions address:

  • Vision & Self-Motivation (Feb. 20th): Get clear on what you will do, won’t do, and might do (and why) by imagining your business as a reflection of you and your values.
  • Learning Curves & Challenges (March 6th): Assess the challenges you’re facing, how you respond to setbacks, and how you measure results so you can give yourself space to learn from mistakes and time to acquire new skills.
  • Support Systems (March 20th): Identify who you want and need on your team, how can you find “your people”, and the importance of meetings even when you work on your own. Be self-employed without the burdensome belief that you must also be self-sufficient.

There are two perks for those who register by February 12th: a $25 discount when you sign up for the whole series and also the option of a 1/2 price private coaching session as a follow-up in April. See all the details and register here.

Announcing Two 2015 Workshops

I have some exciting workshop sessions coming up in Toronto! First, I longer version of a workshop I recently offered in Stratford that’s for anyone who wants a career boost and then in March a workshop for artists:

Career Tune-Up: Simple Steps to Career Growth: Saturday, January 31st from 1 to 4 pm at the Centre for Social Innovation Annex (Bloor & Bathurst). >> Do you need fresh energy and inspiration to realize your career potential in 2015? Sometimes we forget how much we can influence the direction and growth of our careers, often with simple actions. This 3-hour workshop offers an afternoon to reflect and dream, and to clarify your own concept of career growth or advancement. You’ll consider 6 dimensions of career well-being, relate them to your own experience, and commit to inspiring next steps. See the details and registration information.

Create a Healthy Support System for Your Arts Career: Monday, March 2nd from 1 to 4 pm hosted by the Artists’ Health Alliance at the Canadian Music Centre (20 St. Joseph Street). >> Don’t go it alone! The breadth and depth of supportive connections often predicts the success and sustainability of a career in the arts. This workshop will help you to take steps to cultivate a healthy support network and foster positive, practical relationships that will help you to navigate career ups and downs. See the details and registration information.

Career Tune-Up Workshop in Stratford

I have been looking for a way to offer my professional skills to contribute to the United Way fundraising campaign here in Stratford and so I’m hosting a one-hour lunchtime workshop on Friday, December 5th, 12:30 to 1:30, with all proceeds to the United Way.

The workshop will be a “career tune-up” session where we will look at 6 dimensions of career well-being as inspiration for simple steps to career growth. Admission is by donation, $15 – $20 suggested. Thanks to The 3rd Rail Society for providing their board room free of charge for this little fundraiser. Further details are on the registration page — advance registration is required as this is a small group session with only 10 spots.

For more information about the United Way Perth-Huron, click the image below.

Everyday Hero

Energize Your Career! – Stratford Workshop

battery HiResI am very excited to offer my first workshop in my new home community of Stratford, Ontario, and to be hosting it in the beautiful meeting room at The Space Within, an “urban oasis” in downtown Stratford, dedicated to mindfulness-based practices, training and healing. It will be a calm and comfortable setting for discussion, reflection and planning!

Please see the description below and find full information on the event registration page. As always, contact me with any questions:, 519-949-9901.

Energize Your Career!
Monday, October 20, 2014, 7:00 to 9:30 p.m.
Downtown Stratford, Ontario

Where is your career headed and who is in the driver’s seat? Sometimes we forget how much we can influence the direction and growth of our careers, often with simple actions.

Do you need some fresh energy and inspiration to envision and realize your career potential? This career “tune up” workshop offers an evening to reflect, dream, and plan. You’ll see concrete ways to make the most of your present work and promote a positive future. In the workshop, you will:

  • clarify and articulate your own concept of career growth or advancement
  • consider 6 dimensions of career well-being and relate them to your own experience
  • identify opportunities for career action and commit to inspiring next steps
  • leave with a page of career action resources

See all the details and register here.

Resilience Workshop for Activists

On June 14th I facilitated a workshop at the Amnesty International Toronto Organization Regional Meeting. I shared some ideas and sparked discussion on the topic of staying healthy and resilient as activists.

ai-candle-yellowThis workshop connected my 23 years as an Amnesty member and volunteer with my professional experience as a counsellor and coach. We explored issues such as: staying committed and engaged as activists, avoiding burnout, and steps for cultivating greater resilience.

Thanks to the organizers for a great day of learning and activism!

I am now using this topic of avoiding burnout and cultivating resilience to create workshop sessions for non-profit workers and I look forward to announcing more workshops in the coming months.


New Event for Coaches & Counsellors

You might have heard about my collaboration with some career and life coaching colleagues: Tikkato. We aim to host workshops and events that promote personal and professional growth and foster new connections.

Our next event is a professional development program for coaches and counsellors of all types. If you’re in a helping profession and you coach or counsel clients, please check out the details and join us on October 18, 2013.

cornucopia graphic image squareCoaching Cornucopia! Tools for Clarity & Transformation: 

Friday, October 18th from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Downtown Toronto. Advance registration required.

Nine experienced coaches from a variety of fields will share 10-minute presentations about their favourite coaching tools and strategies, with time for questions, connecting, and discussion.

At this event you will:

  • Be introduced to 9 different, “road-tested” tools for coaching clients – how to use them and how they help clients – on topics from cultivating self-awareness to asking powerful questions to clarifying life direction
  • Engage in Q & A sessions and informal post-presentation discussions
  • Mingle with the speakers and other participants to share ideas and connect with new colleagues
  • Leave with one-page summaries of the 9 tools presented

See all the details and follow the registration link on the Tikkato website.

Supporting Internationally Trained Lawyers

This spring and summer I had a part-time contract with the Internationally Trained Lawyers Program at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law offering career counselling services to lawyers educated in other countries who are seeking to complete their qualifications to be licensed lawyers in Ontario. It was a great chance for me to once again connect my first career with my career counselling work. And it was a pleasure to work with this diverse and inspiring group of people. In addition to providing individual career counselling, I taught a 7-week Career Development Skills class. I wish everyone in the program great success with their exams, internships, and job search.

Small Business Arts Forum 2013


I met some energized and engaged creative entrepreneurs at the annual Small Business Arts Forum yesterday at the North York Civic Centre. As a partner with the Artists’ Health Alliance, I facilitated a round table on Career Well-Being. We had some good discussion about what promotes and sustains well-being and career growth. You can view and download my handout for the event. See the forum program details online here.


The Resilient Job Seeker

Thanks to the Times Change Women’s Employment Centre for hosting me on December 11th to facilitate a workshop for their clients. We had an excellent discussion about strengthening personal resilience to persevere with a job search. Thanks to the many women who attended and shared their ideas and experience!