New Interview: Values-based leadership & its impact in the workplace

Welcome to interview #2 in my new series exploring what contributes to engagement, satisfaction, and well-being at work from the point of view of work environment, organizational culture, and leadership.

I talked with Janet Frood, Executive, Leadership and Team Coach, about “values-based leadership“. I ask her to define that term for us and also describe what it is like when clearly articulated values guide individuals and organizations. Are you cynical about a company putting its values into practice? I have worked with many people who have endured unhealthy and disrespectful workplaces and who might reasonably be skeptical of “values speak” at work. Janet talks about cases of values misalignment and provides some tips for job seekers to investigate workplace values before accepting a job offer.

Listen now to our 15-minute conversation:

Links: Take a look at the Leadership Freak Blog that Janet mentioned, “The Most Important New System You Could Implement in 2016” (applies to any year, of course!), and see the LinkedIn slide deck describing the organization’s culture and values. Also, learn more about Janet and her work:

New Workshop: The Sustainable Life

I’m facilitating a new workshop with my colleague and friend Linda Mackay, psychotherapist, to explore how to handle competing priorities and multiple responsibilities and avoid overwhelm. What might it take to find a more manageable and enjoyable pace of life?

Join us if you are looking for a way to step off the busy-ness treadmill. In the 3-hour workshop, Linda and I will guide a discussion of how to move from self-blame and exhaustion to greater insight and practical strategies for a more sustainable life. The workshop involves a mix of presentation, group discussion, and self-reflection exercises. We’ll provide a workbook of ideas and resources.

London, Ontario: Tuesday, May 9, 2017 from 6:00 to 9:00 pm > More details & registration – Please register by May 4th.

Here’s a video invitation where Linda and I introduce ourselves and the workshop. We also share that we’ll have a door prize draw for attendees!

We look forward to facilitating idea sharing in a small group and to offering strategies and resources you can use right away. Please e-mail me if you have any questions:

First Interview in New Series: Healthy, Progressive & Positive Workplaces

I am launching a new interview series in which I aim to explore what contributes to engagement, satisfaction, and well-being at work from the point of view of work environment, organizational culture, and leadership.

My first interview for the new series is a conversation with Paul Roberts of the Ontario Co-operative Association. We talked about co-operatives: what they are, what they are like as positive places to work, and why they are relevant today. Co-operatives have a long history and Paul believes they are the “original social enterprises” – businesses based on principle not just profit. There may be more co-operatives in your community than you realize.

You can find more information about co-operatives on the Ontario Co-operative Association website at

Listen now to our 10-minute conversation:

Photo of Paul Roberts and Anne Carbert



New Interview Series for 2017

It has been a few years since I have posted an interview here!

I am still proud and pleased with my first interview series that I worked on from 2011 to 2013. My goal was to share tips and expertise on career-related life issues, but include topics that were not directly career topics. So I interviewed a lawyer about contract issues for starting and leaving jobs and also spoke to a professional organizer and an image consultant. Some interviews covered health-related topics such as building self-confidence, managing stress, and understanding the benefits of therapy. Thanks to my interview guests, all the interviews have some timeless tips that are wise and practical.

A few years means several advancements in the quality of online resources, recording devices, and design software. (Oh, where were you in 2011, Canva?) But my first interview series still holds up in many ways and I’m not archiving it yet. However, I am now working on a new series and I look forward to gradually posting the interview recordings here throughout 2017.

My theme for the 2017 interview series is healthy, progressive, and positive workplaces.

As much as we can enhance our own skills for career management and personal well-being, work environment is a big factor for job satisfaction – for employees and the self-employed too. So I want to explore some examples of good workplaces and workdays. What contributes to engagement, enjoyment, and well-being at work from the point of view of work environment, organizational culture, and leadership? Stay tuned!

Upcoming: Spring Workshop for Dealing with Overwhelm

I am excited to be collaborating with Linda MacKay, psychotherapist and co-owner of The Space Within, a wonderful centre in Stratford, Ontario for complimentary health related therapies and treatments, as well as for a diverse scope of personal development workshops, meditation sessions, and yoga classes.

We are developing a new workshop titled The Sustainable Life: Strategies to Manage the Overwhelm of a Busy Life. The workshop will be an exploration of how to move from self-blame and exhaustion to greater insight and practical strategies for a more sustainable pace of life. We’re preparing discussion points and exercises that dive into the glamorization of busy, the power of self-compassion, and conscious prioritizing.

Stay tuned for the announcement about the date (early April) and registration!

LivingArts Symposium for Artists in Hamilton

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 10.37.22 AMThanks to an invitation from the Hamilton Arts Council, I facilitated a workshop at the LivingArts Symposium on October 24, 2015.

The symposium was a free 3-day event that brought together artists in the Hamilton area for professional development.

My workshop was an interactive session about designing a career support system for creative pursuits. We explored various types of career support, the key elements of a healthy career support system, and also shared tips for authentic outreach and relationship building. Thanks to all the participants for an enriching discussion!

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 12.16.04 PM


Career Counselling Services

Find out more about how career counselling can support you in times of indecision and transition.

Video: New Workshop Series for “Solopreneurs”

Stratford Workshops

Two workshops remain in my new 3-part workshop series for freelancers, artists, therapists and other “solopreneurs” in the Stratford, Ontario area. They are on March 6th and 20th. In this video I describe all 3 sessions (the 1st was on Feb. 20th) and invite you to join in!

See all the details and register for individual workshops here. Please contact me with any questions.

New Workshop Series in Stratford: Working Successfully On Your Own

Working On Your Own workshop flyer

In addition to my two upcoming workshops in Toronto, I’m facilitating a 3-part workshop series for freelancers, “solopreneurs” and artists in Stratford, Ontario in February and March. The focus of the workshops is to develop career skills for solo self-employment. The 3 Friday afternoon sessions address:

  • Vision & Self-Motivation (Feb. 20th): Get clear on what you will do, won’t do, and might do (and why) by imagining your business as a reflection of you and your values.
  • Learning Curves & Challenges (March 6th): Assess the challenges you’re facing, how you respond to setbacks, and how you measure results so you can give yourself space to learn from mistakes and time to acquire new skills.
  • Support Systems (March 20th): Identify who you want and need on your team, how can you find “your people”, and the importance of meetings even when you work on your own. Be self-employed without the burdensome belief that you must also be self-sufficient.

There are two perks for those who register by February 12th: a $25 discount when you sign up for the whole series and also the option of a 1/2 price private coaching session as a follow-up in April. See all the details and register here.

Announcing Two 2015 Workshops

I have some exciting workshop sessions coming up in Toronto! First, I longer version of a workshop I recently offered in Stratford that’s for anyone who wants a career boost and then in March a workshop for artists:

Career Tune-Up: Simple Steps to Career Growth: Saturday, January 31st from 1 to 4 pm at the Centre for Social Innovation Annex (Bloor & Bathurst). >> Do you need fresh energy and inspiration to realize your career potential in 2015? Sometimes we forget how much we can influence the direction and growth of our careers, often with simple actions. This 3-hour workshop offers an afternoon to reflect and dream, and to clarify your own concept of career growth or advancement. You’ll consider 6 dimensions of career well-being, relate them to your own experience, and commit to inspiring next steps. See the details and registration information.

Create a Healthy Support System for Your Arts Career: Monday, March 2nd from 1 to 4 pm hosted by the Artists’ Health Alliance at the Canadian Music Centre (20 St. Joseph Street). >> Don’t go it alone! The breadth and depth of supportive connections often predicts the success and sustainability of a career in the arts. This workshop will help you to take steps to cultivate a healthy support network and foster positive, practical relationships that will help you to navigate career ups and downs. See the details and registration information.