Are you seeking a more sustainable life?

My colleague Linda Mackay and I are once again offering our 4-week online course to find more calm, more joy, and less anxiety in your busy life.

If you are feeling overwhelmed more often than not, this course is an invitation to explore some practical strategies for approaching and experiencing your life differently so you are more focused and more fulfilled.

Busy doesn’t have to be a way of life!

See the course information page for all the details. Registration is open now and closes August 3rd.

Latest Career Action Plan E-Course starts Oct. 20

You are invited to join my 6-week online course for career energy and action! It starts October 20, 2017.

Please take a look at all the details on the course registration page.

Watch soon too for the full launch of the Career Possibility Studio (the platform for this latest course) — it’s a growing library of free career resources plus occasional courses and 5-day career challenges.


Announcement! New Career E-Learning Site Launching Soon

I’ve been working away at creating a library of online career resources that I will launch a little later this summer. It’s called The Career Possibility Studio and it will offer a variety of e-resources for career development and inspiration, including free 5-day career challenges, my career book review videos, short webinar sessions, longer career skills e-courses, and eventually some online career development weekend “retreats”.

This new site will support you to devote some attention to your career needs and desires with a variety of resources for skill development and growth that are all easily accessible online to engage with at your own pace, wherever you are.

Stay tuned for the launch and my first course offerings coming up soon:

  • a free 3-part video course focused on career networking skills and how to cultivate supportive professional relationships for career satisfaction and growth
  • an updated version of my 6-week Career Action Plan e-course which will be open for enrolment early September and will run late September through October

This has been a big learning experience for me — a lot of work, a lot of new ideas and excitement, and a bit of frustration (thanks, website bugs!). I am eager to see how it develops once it’s launched and active and used by curious career-satisfaction seekers like you!

New Free 5-Day Career Idea Challenge is Underway!

My second free online 5-Day Career Challenge started Monday June 19, 2017. It’s all about giving your career dreams a chance and taking 5 focused days, 30 minutes a day, to explore and research a new career idea. If you are neglecting a career dream or hesitating on a career change, this is a 5-day exploration boost!  With 5 days of tips, tools, and support, you’ll see if your new career idea just might have some potential.

Open to everyone to participate from anywhere! There’s still time to join:

Join the Career Action Plan E-Course

The Courageous Career Action Plan e-course starts today, but there’s still time to join us! See the details and sign up here.

This weekly course has 6 online modules with videos, downloadable worksheets, checklists, and resource lists to plan new growth and change in your career. We’ll also have live Q&A calls and online discussion so you will have support to take brave steps towards your career goals – for growth, advancement, or a career change.

You spend a lot of time working. Give your career more attention!

courageous career action plan graphic

Join the free 5-day challenge for more career satisfaction

Take note! Sign up opened today for my new 5-day challenge: Know Your Keys to Career Satisfaction. It’s a free online challenge with daily e-mail prompts, 15-minute exercises, a private Facebook group, and a daily Facebook lunchtime livestream video (and a recording of the livestream if you can’t be there live).

I’ve been a career counsellor for over 10 years, supporting people from various career backgrounds especially those on so-called “unconventional” career paths in arts and culture, activism, and solo self-employment. This 5-day challenge is a taste of career coaching in an online group where we’ll share ideas and insights about career needs and desires.

In 5 days, participants will identify and prioritize their own personal keys to career satisfaction. It’s a great way to spark momentum for a shift into a new job or into new opportunities and challenges in your current job.

You can join on the sign-up page. And more minds, voices, and experiences will only add to the group, so please invite friends and contacts!

5-day challenge title image

New E-Course: Sign up for more details

I am excited to be offering my first online course! It’s called: Create Your Courageous Career Action Plan

Registration opens March 12th and the course starts March 17th. In the 6-week online course, you’ll learn about 6 key areas for career growth and choose weekly growth experiments to accelerate your personal and professional development.

image of resource pageCurious? You might want to join my free 5-day challenge in the lead-up to the e-course. It’s called “Know Your Keys to Career Satisfaction” and I’ve shared a few details in another post.

I’ll be sharing more information about the 6-week e-course and free career growth resources between now and the course start date. Sign up to receive e-mail updates about the course with links to videos and more course information.

When you sign up, I will send you a one-page resource that introduces the topics of the course: 6 Ways to Grow Your Career. It includes an exercise to take one small action to get your new career growth started now.

More details and new e-course + coaching packages will be announced March 12th.