Why Not Learn New Skills for Life & Career Satisfaction?

I am not a parent myself, but I believe this friend’s story demonstrates some very good parenting:

She was on a March break holiday with her young son and feeling a bit stressed that her parents had paid for ski lessons for him and he really wasn’t enjoying them at all. Riding up the lift together she said, “Remember when you started swimming and you didn’t like it and you weren’t very good at it.”


4 Ideas for Abundant Summer Career Growth

Use summer patio time to strengthen connections or make new ones
Don’t think of it as “networking”, just enjoy the company of others. Invite a former colleague to unwind with you on a patio after work; introduce yourself to new acquaintances at a summer picnic or event; chat with people you meet on vacation. Summer interests offer lots of great conversation topics. (Remember, light conversation or small talk doesn’t have to be boring and isn’t a waste of time!)


My Summer Reading List 2016

I always have an ambitious reading list and half-read books on my shelf. Recently, I’ve been setting aside time each week to just sit and read one book. I believe summer is a great opportunity for this new routine because I can sit outside!