About Anne

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A bit about me …

As a self-employed counsellor and coach, I am committed to helping people lead rich and satisfying lives.

red croppedMotivated by an interest in social justice, I studied law at the University of Toronto and then started a career in human rights law. As I transitioned into my professional life, I found myself grappling with many questions about work and its place in my life.

I soon realized that I love talking with others about meaning and purpose, about living creatively and making conscious choices. I returned to school for a master’s degree in counselling at the University of Toronto and I launched my  counselling and coaching practice in 2007.

Now, as a counsellor and coach, I help others to craft meaningful and satisfying lives. I start by encouraging clients to see the abundance of opportunities available to them, and I then help them to make adjustments in their work or lifestyle. Emphasizing personal life priorities and values, my clients design satisfying lives and careers on their own terms.

As I started my private counselling practice, I held part-time career advising positions at the Career Development Office at the Faculty of Law, University of Toronto and worked with lawyers and law students. More recently, I had a career counselling contract with the Internationally Trained Lawyers Program at UofT and taught a Career Development Skills course. I have also counselled students of different ages and backgrounds at a local college.

My own worklife is now a collage of my different priorities and values. I mix part-time self-employment, occasional contracts and consulting, visual arts, and volunteering. My past career services contracts have included the Career Development Office at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, UofT’s Internationally Trained Lawyers’ Program, the Student Success Centre at Western University, and the Employment Ontario-funded Conestoga Career Centre based at the Conestoga College campus in Stratford. Currently, I volunteer with Amnesty International, the Stratford Perth Community Foundation, and the Stratford chapter of the Canadian Federation of University Women.