4 Ideas for Abundant Summer Career Growth

Use summer patio time to strengthen connections or make new ones
Don’t think of it as “networking”, just enjoy the company of others. Invite a former colleague to unwind with you on a patio after work; introduce yourself to new acquaintances at a summer picnic or event; chat with people you meet on vacation. Summer interests offer lots of great conversation topics. (Remember, light conversation or small talk doesn’t have to be boring and isn’t a waste of time!)

Light your fire with career change stories
Do you know people whose career courage you admire or whose industry intrigues you? Invite them for patio time! Listen to their stories. If you don’t know many people who have made a transition or who enjoy their work, read stories online and feel your sense of possibility expand.

Never underestimate the value of downtime
We can make better decisions and plans, sort out emotions, and feel more confident when we are rested and energized. A vacation getaway offers a change of scene and a psychological break from the usual routine, but you don’t have to get away to feel refreshed. Add a short walk to your day, lounge by a pool or stream, or capture the spirit of summer fun by planning some small indulgences for self-care and rejuvenation.

Feeling reflective? Start the wheels turning for big picture career planning
If you’ve had sufficient rest and dreamy time, you may feel an itch to use quiet time for some visioning and planning. You could sit in the park or on your porch to read a career book or sketch out your ideas for professional growth and career satisfaction. Look for some online resources for short-term and long-term career planning like this one.

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